VIDEO: Events Manual Plugin Tutorial

The Events Manual Plugin is a great way to keep people up to date about your events, schedules, and happenings.

Pro Tip: iCal Feeds

If you have a calendar that produces an iCal feed (most calendars do since it is an industry standard), you should check out the Events Feed Plugin.


Hi there! And welcome to our Events Manual Plugin video. If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to watch our 2-Minute Overview video first before moving onto any other help videos, including this one.

Now, onto the Events Manual Plugin.

  • The Events Manual Plugin allows you to manually insert events into your app.
  • There’s a monthly calendar here that gives you a broad overview of all the events you have that month.
  • Clicking on an event allows you to edit it.
  • You can see all the details of the events, including title, date, time, and location.
  • If you scroll down you’ll see that you can also include links.

Creating an Events Manual Plugin

To add a Events Manual plugin to your app, go to Plugins and Add Plugin. Find the Events Manual Plugin, click add, then name it. On this page, you can change the plugin icon, title, and whether or not it requires a login. Requiring a login means the user will have to create an account in order to access the Events Calendar.


Let’s create an event. Click on Add New Event. Here you can add an image for the carousel, a thumbnail image, and insert the event details. You can set the date, time, whether or not it repeats location, and a brief description.


Clicking “Add Link” will allow you to insert a link into the page to accompany your event. This could be a website with more information, a platform to sell tickets, or a Facebook event page. When you’re finished don’t forget to click Done.


To change the design of the events page, go to the Design tab and select any of the Item Layouts. You can also add a background image here.

Adding the Events Manual Plugin to Your App

Now the plugin has been created and exists, but is not yet accessible to users. You will need to add it to the app on the Home Plugin, in a Folder Plugin, and/or to the Side Menu. To add it to the Home Plugin, go to Home Plugin, scroll down and click “Add Plugin Instance”. Now select the Events Manual Plugin you created.

To add it to a Folder Plugin, navigate to the Folder Plugin and click on “Add Plugin Instance”. To add it to the Side Menu, go to Plugins then Side Menu and click on “Add Plugin Instance”.

Your Events Manual Plugin is now accessible within your app. Don’t forget to click Publish to push out your changes. If you haven’t upgraded, please upgrade so that you can publish your changes. Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to check out our other Help Videos and we’ll see you next time!

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