How to Create a Google Developer Account

1. Upgrade your account

Before creating your Google Developer Account, we suggest upgrading your account. You can do so by clicking on the green Upgrade button in the top right-hand corner.


2. Go to Settings > Publishing Info


Before upgrading, the Publishing Info page was only a single text box. Now the rest of your Publishing Info page should be populated, including the Android Specific Publishing Information.

3. Click on the link to open a new Google Developer account.


4. Follow the steps on this page to register for a publishing account, starting by clicking on this link:


5. Make sure to read this screen carefully. We’d like to emphasize two parts:


Make sure the account shown here is the one that you’d like to use to sign up for the Google Developer account. This email will be the one linked to your account and receive updates on your app, so make sure that it is the correct one. If this app is tied to an organization, we highly recommend that you use an email associated with that organization and not your personal account.

IMPORTANT: Do not use our publishing email.

Be sure to read Google’s distribution agreement document and then check the box in order to move forward.

Click “Continue to Payment”

6. Enter your credit card information to pay the one-time $25 signup fee.

Then click Continue.


To complete your purchase, click Pay.


Then click Continue Registration to finish up your Payment and continue to your Google account.


You’ve now successfully created a Google Developer’s account! Please note that it may take Google up to 48 hours to process your payment. Until Google has processed your payment, then we will be unable to publish your app.

In order for us to publish your app, you’ll need to add us to your account. To learn about how to add us to your Google Developer’s account, check out our article on how to do that here.

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