VIDEO: Media Center Manual Plugin Tutorial

The Media Center Manual Plugin can be used to create manually entered and categorized audio, video, and text-based content.
When you add an item, simply enter the information such as title, audio url, video url, source url, etc. and you’ll be good to go.

Pro Tip 1: Using Folders
Try using the folder plugin to include media items if they are specific to a person or topic. For example, if you have a list of three music artists with three albums each, you can create multiple media center plugins within a folder plugin to categorize them accordingly.

Pro Tip 2: Video and Audio in the Same Item
If you plan on having a video and audio for the same content (i.e. an audio file of the song and a music video), you should definitely use the manual entry feature. The reason for this is that in a manual entry, you can add audio, video, and text to the same entry, thus consolidating your content into one entry.

Pro Tip 3: Feed-driven Media
If you have feed driven media such as a YouTube channel, Vimeo channel, blog, or podcast, you should definitely chekc out the corresponding YouTube Plugin, Vimeo Plugin, and Media Center RSS Plugin (for blogs, podcasts, etc.)

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