VIDEO: Grid Layout Launcher Plugin Tutorial

The Grid Layout Launcher Plugin is a great plugin to use as your “Home Plugin” (you can set this in Appearance). You can use it to point people to the important plugins in your app that you want them to visit.

Note: Most of our templates use the Grid Layout Launcher as the “Home Plugin” (this is the first plugin your users see when you open the app). However, you can always use a different plugin as your Home Plugin if you so choose. You can change your Home Plugin at any time under the Appearance section.

Pro Tip 1: Grid Layout Launcher Artwork

To make the Grid Layout Launcher really pop, you’re going to need some artwork (logo, background image, carousel). But don’t worry! With us, you’re covered. We’ve created a file that contains all of the templates you’ll need for these pieces. You can download it here

Pro Tip 1: Different Layout Options with the Folder Plugin

The Folder Plugin and the Grid Layout Launcher Plugin essentially act the same way (in that you can use them to organize other plugins), but if you’re looking for a different layout style, you should check out the Folder Plugin.

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Hi there! And welcome to our Grid Layout Launcher Plugin video.


If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to watch our 2-Minute Overview video first before moving onto any other help videos, including this one.

Now, onto the Grid Layout Launcher Plugin.

  • The Grid Layout Launcher Plugin allows you to insert as many plugin instances into it as you’d like.
  • It’s handy for when you want to categorize content so your users can find it quickly.

Creating a Grid Layout Launcher Plugin

To add a Grid Layout Launcher Plugin to your app, go to Plugins and Add Plugin. Find the Grid Layout Launcher Plugin, click add, then name it.

Now this is a little empty, so let’s add some Plugin Instances.


Scroll down and click “Add Plugin Instance. Select all the plugins that you’d like to add then click Apply. You can also change the design of your Grid Layout Launcher Plugin. Just click on the Design tab and you’ll see all the options there.


You’ll have the option to add carousel images, a logo, and a background. To add carousel images, click add image. The platform will automatically resize the photo for you. To add a logo, go to the design tab and click on this box here. Make sure your logo is 800 by 300 pixels. To add a background, scroll down and click on this box here. Make sure your background is 750 by 1334 pixels.

Adding the Grid Layout Launcher Plugin to Your App

Now the plugin has been created and exists, but is not yet accessible to users. You will need to add it to the app on the Home Plugin, inside another Folder Plugin, and/or to the Side Menu. To add it to the Home Plugin, go to Home Plugin, scroll down and click “Add Plugin Instance”. Now select the Grid Layout Launcher Plugin you created.

To add it to another Grid Layout Launcher Plugin, navigate to the Grid Layout Launcher Plugin and click on “Add Plugin Instance”. To add it to the Side Menu, go to Plugins then Side Menu and click on “Add Plugin Instance”.

Your Grid Layout Launcher Plugin is now accessible within your app. Tapping on it will take you to a list of plugin instances neatly organized so your users can find them quickly. Don’t forget to click Publish to push out your changes. If you haven’t upgraded, please upgrade so that you can publish your changes. Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to check out our other Help Videos and we’ll see you next time!

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