Inserting an Image

Inserting an Image in Your Page

There may be times that you would like to insert an additional image into your page.
Follow these easy steps to insert an image in your content editor.
**Note that you must be editing a page already**
● Click the Image button at the top of your content editor


● Click Browse Server

● If the image is already uploaded into your ISM, you can choose that image by
clicking Original to the right of the image name.

● If the image is not already in your ISM, click New at the top and Go on Multimedia to upload the image. 

● Choose the image by clicking Original to the right of the image.


  • Delete the width and height of the image. (this is so it will shrink down to smaller screens)
  • Put a number 5 in Hspace and Vspace if you want space between the image and words (optional)
  • Select if you want the image to be aligned to the Left or Right of the words. (optional)


● Click OK on the Image Properties window

Congratulations! You have inserted an Image in Your Page!

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