Bulk Uploading Files


Bulk Uploader

Uploading several images at once for your website is easy! Just follow these simple steps and you will have your images up in no time!
● Log in to your Infinity Site Manager (ISM) and point your mouse to your drop down menu to the left of the screen.
● Hover over “Content” and then click on “Content Manager

First, you must create a folder to put your images in.
● To create a folder, click "New" at the top right side of your screen, then click “Go” next to the Folder option.

● Enter the name of the folder and click save at the top, right side of your screen.

● Click on the name of the folder that you want to open

● Click New at the top, right side of your screen.
● Click Go next to Bulk Upload.

● Click “Select files…”

● Choose the files that you want to upload. Items are saved automatically

Congratulations! You have successfully Bulk Uploaded

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