Using Your Game Calendar

Using Your Game Calendar

Adding new events or game schedule to your calendar for you website is easy! Just follow these simple steps and you will have your calendar set up in no time!
**Note: Before you set up your calendar, please refer to Adding Teams.
● Log in to your Infinity Site Manager (ISM) and point your mouse to your drop down menu to the left of your screen.
● Hover over “Content” and click on “Calendar

If you do not have categories set up already, you will need to set up your categories.
● Click the “Categories” tab at the top and click New at the top right side of your screen.
● Enter the name of your category (ie: 2016 Games or Big Top Stadium)
● Choose the type from the drop down to decide if this is a Game, Event, etc.
● Click Save at the top right side of your screen.


Now you are ready to set up your schedule.
● Click New at the top right side screen or click on the Plus sign in the date you
wish to add.


● In the drop down, choose if this is an event, game, etc

● Enter start date and time
● Enter end date and time. (the end date must be the same as the start date)
● Choose if this is an all day event (this will not note the time)
● Enter Event Title, Venue, Location (optional)
● Choose what category you wish this event to be in
● Choose Game Type
● Choose Opponent (see Adding Teams to enter your opponents.)
● Choose if this is a Home Game or not.
● Enter links into custom fields for Buy Tickets or Listen Live.
● Click Save at the top, right side of your screen.

*When the game is over, you can come back and edit this section to add score,
attendance and Game Notes.

Congratulations! You have set up your calendar!

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