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Setting Up Your Store

Setting up your store for your website is easy! Just follow these simple steps and you will have your store set up in no time!

**Please note: In order for your store to work, you must have a gateway and merchant account. If you need help with
obtaining these, please let your Project Manager know.

  •  Log in to your Infinity Site Manager (ISM) and point your mouse to your drop down menu to the left of the screen.
  •  Hover over "Store" and then click on "Categories"


Adding Categories


  •  Type in the name of your category. (ie: Registration, Jerseys, Gear, ect)
  •  If you would like to create a Sub Category, click “Create Under” and the one you just created will become the top category. (ie: Merchandise, Men’s Apparel)

  •  Click the edit icon to enter the email address that you want the notifications to go to.
  •  Click Select to enter an image and browse to the right of your screen to upload the image.
  •  Click Save at the top right side of your screen.

Adding Items

  •  Go back to your drop down menu and hover over “Store” and click “Items

  •  Click New at the top right side of your screen
  •  Enter Item name (ie: Registration, Jersey, Hat, ect)
  •  Select Category
  •  Enter Price
  •  Enter Inventory ID (if applicable)
  •  Click Save at the top right side of your screen.

  •  Choose Weight if item is being shipped by weight
  •  Choose Primary Image by clicking Select and browsing at the right side of your screen to upload  image
  •  You may select “Old Price” if you wish to display a price crossed out and show the “New Price
  •  Enter Handling Fee if applicable
  •  Enter brief Item Description
  •  Click “This Item Can Be Paid For Upon Checkout
  •  Click Save at the top right side of your screen.

Item Options

If you are making a Registration form, or you would like to include sizes of items, follow these steps:

  •  Click “Item Options
  •  Enter Price (leave empty if this field should not have a cost)
  •  Enter Name of item or Name of field and chose what type of box this should be
  •  Choose if this field is Required or not
  •  Click “Add Option
  •  Set Sort Order when you are done by numbering each item and clicking “Set Sort Order If this is a registration form, you may need additional information for your user to complete. Or, you may need to add sizes of shirts. In either case, continue filling out these fields and if there is no price associated with the field, just leave it blank.

Adding Additional Images: (optional)


  •  Go back to your item by clicking Items under the Store drop down and clicking Edit on that  item.
  •  Click Images Tab if you wish to include a secondary image
  •  Click Select and browse to the right side of your screen to upload the image
  •  Click Save at the top, right side of your screen.

Linkage: (optional)

  •  If you would like to suggest other items of interest to your buyer, chose Linkage after finding and editing your item.
  • Select as many suggestions you would like and click Save in the top, right side of your page.


  •  If this is an event, you can put the date here if you wish
  •  Choose Yes or No on Taxable and Shipping options
  •  Choose what type of item this is.
  •  If you have set up an option that the customer would receive an email newsletter or something similar, you can choose that here.
  •  If the customer requires a download of some sort for their purchase, click Select to browse and upload your file.
  •  Choose Longevity for the number of days the attachment is available to your customer.
  •  Click Save at the top, right side of your screen.

Adding Additional Items

If you have additional items that are similar, you can skip the step of Adding Item Options by selecting the Options tab

  •  Select the options you wish to be added to this item and click Save at the top right side of your page.

Congratulations! You have set up your store!

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