Creating a News Article

Creating News

Creating News is easy! Just follow these steps and you will have your News up in no time!
● Log in to your Infinity Site Manager (ISM) and point your mouse to your drop
down menu to the left of the screen
● Hover over “Content” and then click on News


● Click New at the top right side of your screen


● Enter the title of your article
● Choose if you want it hidden or not
● Only choose to keep article on top if you want the article to stay indefinitely
● If you want your article to show at a later date, you can choose this on Date
● If you would like to have the article to redirect to a different page, simply copy
and paste the link that you want to redirect to and paste that in the “Source URL
● Select Author if one has been created(can be skipped)
● To keep you better organized, choose if this is a Press Release or General News
**IMPORTANT​** Select your category (most cases will only be one category

Your Teaser section is the content that shows on your News Rotator. This is a small
body of text (not more than 2 sentences) that tells the reader what the article is about.
● Type in what you want the teaser to say
● To insert image, click the Orange select box at the bottom of the content editor
● Click Browse at the right of your screen and select the picture from your computer that you want to go in your News Rotator
● Click Upload File

Your Body section is where your article will go.
● Type in your article
**Note​** Do Not ​copy and paste from a word document. This will not transfer
over correctly onto your site. Instead, you may type your page in a Notepad/TextEdit or if you choose to use Word, save it as a TXT file before copy/paste
● If you wish to have an image in your inner news article, click the orange select
button below the Body section to upload your image and choose where you want
your image located by selection one of the boxes to the left of the screen.
● Click Save at the top, right side of your page.

Congratulations! You Have Created a News Article!

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