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The People Plugin is a great way to give your users information about your staff members, leadership, etc. You can include pictures, name, position title, description/bio/text (via a wysiwyg), videos (via a wysiwyg), phone number, email, website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
Pro Tip 1: Utilizing the WYSIWYG
Utilize the wysiwyg in the description to include more than just text, such as videos, images, forms, etc. This is a great way to give your users more insight into who your team is.

Pro Tip 2: Using the People Plugin for more than just people
Some of our clients utilize the People Plugin for more than just staff information. Some of them use it for things like digital bulletins, announcement info, and other things if the would like to display the contact information or links as well.

How to Setup the People Plugin
1. Click “Add” on the People Plugin

2. Click “Add Item” and fill out the following fields:
– First and Last Name
– Position Title
– Description: this is a wysiwyg so that you can include images, videos, forms etc.
– Links: You can add information such as phone, email, address, social media links, etc.


Hi there! And welcome to our People Plugin video.


If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to watch our 2-Minute Overview video first before moving onto any other help videos, including this one.

Now, onto the People Plugin.

  • The People Plugin is where you can introduce your users to your employees.
  • Example: think of it as a “Meet the Team” plugin. You can create bios for your employees and include their contact information.

Creating a People Plugin

To add a People plugin to your app, go to Plugins and Add Plugin. Find the People Plugin, click add, then name it. The first two sections are powered by the Media Library and Text WYSIWYG.

First off, let’s add someone. Scroll down and click “Add New Item”.


Here you can add a photo, text, and contact information. To add a photo, click on this box here, select a photo — or upload one if you haven’t already — and click Insert Selection. Now fill out their name and bio.


Under Links, you can add links to their email, social media, phone number, and even map location. You can add as many of these as you’d like. When you’re ready, don’t forget to hit Done.

Now this person should show up in your People Plugin. Go ahead and repeat this process for as many people as you’d like to feature here.

If you have a lot of people that you’d like to add, feel free to use our Bulk Actions here. Just download our template, fill out the excel sheet, then import it back into the plugin.


This is optional, but you can also add a header image and some text to introduce your team. To add an image, click on Add Image, select or upload an image, then click “Insert Selection”. To add some introduction text, just type directly into the description box.

Adding the People Plugin to Your App

Now the plugin has been created and exists, but is not yet accessible to users. You will need to add it to the app on the Home Plugin, in a Folder Plugin, and/or to the Side Menu. To add it to the Home Plugin, go to Home Plugin, scroll down and click “Add Plugin Instance”. Now select the People Plugin you created. To add it to a Folder Plugin, navigate to the Folder Plugin and click on “Add Plugin Instance”. To add it to the Side Menu, go to Plugins then Side Menu and click on “Add Plugin Instance”.

Your People Plugin is now accessible within your app. Don’t forget to click Publish to push out your changes. If you haven’t upgraded, please upgrade so that you can publish your changes. Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to check out our other Help Videos and we’ll see you next time!

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