I put content in my ISM. Why won't it show on my site?

There could be several reasons why your content isn't showing, and it depends on where it is located in the ISM.

1. In your Content Manager, check to see if you Prepended or Appended the document to the correct page in the page structure.

2. If the page has not been created yet in your page structure, contact your Project Manager or upgrade to ISM Plus Access

3. If you have created a new category in Advertisements, Calendar, News, Roster, Polls and Surveys, Sponsors, Staff Manager, Team, or Virtual Map, you must contact your Project Manager to hook up the new category for you. 

4. If you have edited an existing article or page on your site, you may need to refresh your cache. In your drop down, look under Tools and click Refresh Cache. If you do not see this option, ask your Project Manager about the upgrade. 

5. Some content may take up to 10 minutes to show on your site depending on publishing times. You can check your Dev Website and if the content is there, but not on the live site, just give it some time to show. If it is not on either, and you have checked the above actions, then please contact your Project Manager. 

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